Vista Cursors for Windows XP

If your computer cannot support Vista, how about if you have the Vista cursors package on your Windows XP?


To use it, just follow this simple steps.

  1. Download the package
  2. Extract it and right-click on file install.ini and choose Install
  3. Go to Control Panel and select Mouse
  4. Click on Pointers and under scheme choose Aero Cursors (Alphablended).
  5. Click Ok and feel the Vista cursors in your Windows XP 😉

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  1. well if u already install vista transformation pack, this cursor is pre installed with it.. but somehow ive been playin with my configuration n the cursor is missing :d

    so i need to dowld this.. thx for d link :d/

  2. [Comment ID #27999 Will Be Quoted Here]

    no problem. 🙂

  3. aku guna vista transformation, best gak.. 😀

  4. aku tak gune vista transformation coz akan melembabkan comp aku. hu3.

  5. Hey … Great !

  6. THXS!!! i have a full Vista Them now 🙂 WOOt!
    THxs Alot man or who every lo0l. XD

  7. Thanx a lot I Now I have vista theme ,cursor , icons , and the boot skin also …. Thanks !!
    For the cursor /….

  8. hey
    thanks for this beautiful cursors package

    you know
    i like this theme

    where can i get it

    thanks again

  9. Is there any website that can give us a lots of information like what was stated here? Thanks for the Idea…

  10. heeeyyyyyyy thnx buddy
    gr8 job ………
    keep doing the gud job……….
    really thought some virus could come with it. but u indeed proved me wrong .
    thnx again.

  11. it said it was password protected????? help please!!!

  12. The best ! I love it

  13. thanks :]

  14. does this really work? i want to get them but i am afraid this might bring bugs

  15. Thanks!