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Tidy-up your CSS file with Clean CSS

I coded all my themes and CSS manually by using EditPlus 2, by hand. But when coded in text editor, your code might unstructureable and will slow down your site. That is why you need something that can optimize and tidy up your files. Here has come a website called Clean CSS. Clean CSS is […] is now known as

Do you still remember my post about Well, I got an email this morning from Adriana Koeneke. She is one of the staff who works in marketing department. In her email, she told me that is now known as Everything are still the same but just the domain name has changed. […]

WordPress Tips & Tricks Collection – Phase 1

I have a project that I want you, your friends, your friend’s friends, your friend’s friend’s friends, or anybody to participate in. The project that I talking about is, WordPress Tips & Tricks Collection. Let me briefing it first. What exactly that I want to do is I want to combine all WordPress tips and […]

Beautify your URLs with Permalinks

Some may have noticed but they do not know how to do it. Or maybe they don’t bother enough with it. By default, in WordPress, your post urls will be displayed by using it’s post id. But with permalinks, you can beautify your urls with something more meaningable. Instead by using post id number like […]

Apple Hacking Contest

Well, its kinda weird when I first read the article about the contest. And the prize will be a fully loaded MacBook Pro. The organizer, CanSecWest, will host two MacBook Pro computers with default Apple installation. And the first person who can break into the system with their unique exploits will bring the computer home. […]

Beware with the ATM slot

It is not cool when your Auto-Teller Machine (ATM) card got confiscated by the machine. More worst when you found out your account balance is $9.54 because someone had stolen your money by using your confiscated card. But how do they do it? You will know the answer when you watch this image slide (view […]

The Shutdown Day – I cannot!

Today is 24th March 2007 and for those who already know, today is the Shutdown Day. I voted for “I can” but when the day comes, I can’t turn off my PC and I still online till now. And I want to tell you that, this computer has not been shutdown since 2 days ago. […]

CypherFS Orange for myCypherHackz.Net

I just finished make a new theme for my personal blog. I named it CypherFS Orange. Why orange? Because I use orange as its main colour. Lol… Actually I can finish up this theme earlier but because of I was busy with my stuffs, my studies, so I had to put a side the development […]

Rename your WindowsXP Start button text

Did you know, you can rename your WindowsXP Start button text to something else? Some of you may already know that you can do that by edit your Explorer.exe file and change some value in your registry setting. But here comes an easy way to do that. StartBtn Renamer is a simple utility that you […]

Dive and Swim into Intrusion Detection

Ready with your oxygen tank? Because we are going to Intrusion Detection pool, to dive, to swim, to know what is Intrusion Detection really is. Based from Wikipedia, Intrusion Detection system is a system that will detects threats to computer system mainly come through the Internet. In early when the Internet is not well-known by […]