I am selling and buying drugs. Interested?

Yes. I am bored with blogging. There is no point if I continue blogging if the profit I got not much as I be a drug dealer or in a best word, Drug Lord.

If you are a Drug Lord, you can earn more and more and more money than blogging. You can buy anything you want with the money you get. Thousands, millions or even billions money you can make per week. So lets play Drug Lord pc game and be a successful drug dealer. :p

druglord2screenLol… I’m just kidding. I will not leave all my blogs dead. Actually I started playing this game when my pc can’t connect to the Internet. Because of bored with the day with no Internet, I play the game. I have installed it a quite long time though but just start playing it in 2, 3 days ago.

Drug Lord is about you as a wannabe drug dealer want to earn and get more profit by selling drugs. The more you buy, the more you sell and the more you can earn. But it is not as easy as that. You need to know where is the cheapest place to buy drugs, where is the highest place to sell them and how to analyze statistics.

There are many drugs available in this game. Cocaine, Crack, Morphine, Ecstasy, Hashish, etc. You can buy drugs anytime you want but for me, I buy the drugs when the prices gone down and sell them all when the prices are outrageous high. It is really fun when you earn millions at once. :d


  • Six available ranks. You start off as a wannabe and with luck and skill can work your way up to Drug Lord.
  • Many cities, each with their own market.
  • Loan sharks to lend you money.
  • A wide array of weaponry to fight off those who come after you.
  • Graphical history of drug prices for each city.
  • Drug vaults for when you don’t want to take them with you.
  • Drug price viewer that shows the price of a drug in every city.
  • Easy-to-use user interface.
  • Fun cheesy sounds!

But as the author of this game said, “Don’t sell drugs! Don’t buy drugs! And never ever use drugs!“. So don’t ever sell, buy or use drugs in real life. This game is just for fun only. I will not take any responsibilities if anything happens to you. Play safe and nice, ok? [tags]drug lord, drug, game, pc game[/tags]

Download Drug Lord 2.2


  1. lerh..game ni aku men masa aku katan 1 lagi. dah abis. tapi masa tu nama game dia len. aku pun dah lupa ape.
    pinjam duit ngan loan shark, tak bayar kena pukul haha! /:)

  2. aku pun pernah download game ni.. tapi buat penat je… tak paham ngna tak best pun..

  3. Dulu aku main game yang sama..tapi nama game tuh lain sket..mmg addicted..masa tuh main ramai2..sapa bleh buat untung paling byk mmg power la..game mengingatkan nostalgia masa kt kolej dulu..huhu :d

  4. hu3. macam game ni seperti mengimbas kembali zaman2 korang jek. ish3. [-(

  5. Seems kinda like a spoof of the infamous Dope Wars

  6. I also have the same post about this


    By the way, this game is interesting for me and made me putting aside my books. :d

  7. pernah main games ni masa study dulu.wuihh lama dah ni.

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