Badge for Malaysian Technology Blogs Network

I’m glad to announce, our Feedburner Malaysian Technology Blogs (feed) network now has it own’s badge.

This badge was designed by Izzatz. So for those who are in the network, why not put it at your sidebar as to increase our network subscribers. And make sure to linkback the badge to the network or there is no point you add it to your site. :p

Malaysian Technology Blogs is a small technology blogs network that I create to combine all good stuffs from fellow Malaysian tech bloggers. Want to join? Check this post out. 🙂 [tags]feedbuner, network, malaysian technology blogs, feed[/tags]


  1. yeah, cmon people.. lets make malaysian tech scene funkier than before..

    p/s: thx cypher for d link :d

  2. no problem dude. thanks for the badge though.

  3. What a great idea for making such blog network..recently i found a website gather all blogger around the world,the website name you can join there and i have join it,of course it’s free..why not we make such website but for malaysian..maybe all-malaysian-blogger website..heee,maybe it’s funny idea right?if we can make such website,we can put technology blog network as one of it’s division..maybe there are divisions blog for technology,internert marketing,education,news or else..that is my idea,if can..i want make it but there are a lot of things beside that i must’re student also right?heee..c ya.. :d

  4. Hi, fantastic, a Malaysian blog about technology, love it.Thanks…

  5. Really Cool to have a Malaysian Tech Blog. Malaysia Boleh!