Calling all Malaysian technology bloggers

I’m calling all Malaysian bloggers who blog about technology to join my FeedBurner Malaysian Technology Blogs network. I got this idea after I read Tech Buzz post about India Technology Blogs network which coordinate by Quick Online Tips. So I decided to create one for Malaysian bloggers.

fanWhy you should join? Well, besides you can increase your feed readers, you also can earn money if advertisers advertise in our network. More feed subscribers, more chances earn money. But it is not my main objective. I just want to gather all Malaysian technology bloggers in one network only. 🙂

For those who want to join, you can contact me and I will consider to send you the invitation. But first, make sure you are Malaysian and your blog is about Technology and update regularly. :d After you join the network, put the badges, or chicklets, or anything to promote our network on your site. The best place is to put link at the sidebar. So we can get more feed subscribers.

Here is the network feed. And if you want to advertise in the network, you can do so by clicking here.

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  1. English only or Malay or mix? quite interested about it../:)

  2. it doesn’t matter. i accept both. /:)

  3. Nice idea. Too bad, I don’t have a technology blog. :d

  4. Good to see blog groups forming regional centers. Great for readers!

  5. [Comment ID #21347 Will Be Quoted Here]

    make another blog and join us man. :)>-

    [Comment ID #21348 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yea dude. :d/

  6. baiklah..aku support sbg reader je 🙂
    nak blog pasal teknologi x terkejar aku.. hehe

  7. yup. kalau nak blog pasal technology memang banyak. tengok je la kat digg tu. macam2 news baru setiap hari.

  8. bro, aku nk join network ko untuk tech site aku. I hope you’ll send me invitation at (you know my email address) 😉

  9. i have sent you the invitation. :d

  10. Boleh x join nie..?
    Feel free to visit my blog…
    Kalo menepati syarat..hope leh ntar invitation..:d

  11. Hi, I sometimes blog about technology but mostly of my experience as entrepreneur. Would like to join.

  12. Laaa kat sini rupanye..

    Nak join gak..

    I sent you email regarding this matter

  13. Good site! I’ll stay reading! Keep improving!

  14. is it still open? interested to join it..