Want to get FREE 30 Gigabyte Mailbox Account?

Not enough email spaces in Yahoo, Hotmail, or even in 2 gigabyte spaces in Gmail? How about if you get a 30 gigabyte of mailbox spaces? What will you do with it?


30Gigs.com is a website with the idea to making a “All in one” site for the webmaster and avid computer users. Each mail accounts will have basic features:

  • 30 gigabyte mailbox
  • mail filtering
  • address book
  • easy search
  • convenient interface
  • and it is 100% free

If you love to save pictures, musics, or videos in your email, this services is really suitable for you. 30 gigabyte just for an email is really much to me. Even in Gmail, I only using 98Mb spaces. Lol… :))

30Gigs.com [via Wong Yee Whee][tags]email, free, 30gigs, email hosting[/tags]


  1. actually lame dah tau email nih..tp aku rase email tuh suckz la..n 30gb is to0 much..lagi fact..aku ade create email kat web aku..its 50gb..wahahaha..

  2. aku pun pernah dengar jugak. tapi baru hari ni aku teringat balik pas baca entry dari site tu.

  3. erk, leh ke kongsi file guna bende ni..sayang jer space 30 gb tu. 🙂

  4. ho3. takleh kot. die just gune untuk stor email je.

  5. hohoho dem huge storage! but pity,cant use for file storage lar.i wonder who got 10GB> mails capacity

  6. Can someone invite me to 30gigs



  7. it is free. you no need invitation to join. :d

  8. Now this is something awesome …
    how is the service ?
    I mean, is it reliable ?

  9. dunno. i’m not register to the service. :d