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Shutdown Day – A day without PC

Here is the deal. Do you dare to shutdown your PC and will not touch it within 24 hours? Some of you may say, “Of course I can. I still can breath even I throw away the PC”. But maybe some of you will immediately say, “No! I can’t live without my PC. Please let […]

I am selling and buying drugs. Interested?

Yes. I am bored with blogging. There is no point if I continue blogging if the profit I got not much as I be a drug dealer or in a best word, Drug Lord. If you are a Drug Lord, you can earn more and more and more money than blogging. You can buy anything […]

Badge for Malaysian Technology Blogs Network

I’m glad to announce, our Feedburner Malaysian Technology Blogs (feed) network now has it own’s badge. This badge was designed by Izzatz. So for those who are in the network, why not put it at your sidebar as to increase our network subscribers. And make sure to linkback the badge to the network or there […]

Get Free legal 3 months Kaspersky License Key

For those who are using “illegal” Kaspersky license, now you can get free 3 months legal Kaspersky license key. 🙂 Go here (don’t bother with the langguage – german) and enter your email in the box and click the button below it. After awhile, check your inbox and you will get 3 months legal Kaspersky […]

CMS The Grabber – The Ultimate Rapidshare Downloader

Note: New CMS The Grabber has released. New version is 1.4.8. [Last update: 29 May 2007] It is a pain when we need to wait about an hour after we finished download file from Rapidshare. But for those who have Premium account, they can continue their downloads. Because of that, some helpful programmers create programs […]

Fix StumbleUpon bug issue in Sociable plugin

I’m using Sociable wordpress plugin and found out there is a bug with the submit entry link to StumbleUpon. In sociable.php file, find line 305 to 308 and replace the line with this: ‘StumbleUpon’ => Array( ‘favicon’ => ‘stumbleupon.png’, ‘url’ => ‘’, ), I have contact the author. Hopefully he will fix this issue in […]

Calling all Malaysian technology bloggers

I’m calling all Malaysian bloggers who blog about technology to join my FeedBurner Malaysian Technology Blogs network. I got this idea after I read Tech Buzz post about India Technology Blogs network which coordinate by Quick Online Tips. So I decided to create one for Malaysian bloggers. Why you should join? Well, besides you can […]

How to delete Yahoo! Messenger status messages

Yahoo! Messenger is a well known instant messenger client where people use to chat with their family, friends or with other peoples. It also includes an option which we can set our own custom status message to be displayed beside our name in our friend’s messenger buddy list. Old custom status messages will be replaced […]

Kawaii Hello Kitty wants to clean your keyboard

This is not a joke. Hello Kitty really wants to clean your keyboard. But before she can do her works, she want you to plug her to an empty USB slot. :p Hello Kitty USB-powered keyboard cleaner is a product that will clean dusts and germs from your keyboard. With two seperate cleaning heads, this […]

Is your system ready for Windows Vista upgrade?

Many peoples talk about Windows Vista nowadays. It is kind of the ultimate product from Microsoft. From the graphics used, the new systems and softwares version embed, and everything else. But to run Windows Vista (Vista) as smooth as it is to be, you must make sure that your computer is ready for Vista. Vista […]