Malaysian websites can advertise on CypherHackz.Net

I just make a new page. It is about an offer to advertise on my site. I open my website for those who want to put their link ads on my website and the link will be placed on the sidebar for a month.

But this offer only open to Malaysian web owners only because I not yet approve my account in Paypal. If you an oversea website owners and would like to advertise on my site, you can order the link ads at Text Link Ads.

Btw for Malaysian peoples who want to buy the link ads, you can contact me and I will give the details for the payment process. For each link, it will only cost you RM75 per month. Currently, there are 3 slots left. If you interested, feel free to email or ym me. [tags]advertise, advertisement, ads[/tags]


  1. ~TheAngel~ says:

    I wanna participate too 😡

  2. woot… not after long i published the post, you sent the comment. :d if you interested, just email me. i will give you the details. thank you! 🙂

  3. wow…75ringgit tue..:d

  4. hu3. kire murah if nak berbanding ngan text link ads.

  5. just wanna say hello to you,my friend

  6. looks like pretty cool to me.

  7. I like. Respect. Recommended.

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