Firefox extensions you should avoid


Attention to all Firefox users. There are some Firefox entensions that you should avoid. This is because the extensions will collect data and uniquely identifying users without notifying them. To be safe, you should disable and remove the extensions from your Firefox usage.

List of extensions that you should avoid can be found at Mozillazine Forum. And I suggest you forward this post on your site too.


  1. Tak sangka ada jugak plug-in yang tidak patut dipasang di firefox. Ingat semua plug-in baik-baik je… 😕

  2. yaya..takde benda selamat di dunia siber ni

  3. yup. takde yang secure. 😉

  4. Opera evangelist will be smiling reading about this, they have for quite sometime argued about the security and quality of firefox, because unlike Opera, most of the plugins available to firefox are made by ‘outsiders’, which in turn constitutes to the existance of dangerous plugins which are listed in the mozillazine forum.

    anyway, thanks mate for posting about this, i will put the word out in my site too.

  5. all for one purpose : money :-w

  6. byk sgt list nyer penin aku.huhu..

    I suggest you forward this post on your site too.

    will be..!