I got a degree in blogging

This is really an honor when you get a degree from The University of Blogging. But what will be your expression when you get a bachelor in Comment Spam and major in Emo? Am I a spammer? :((

The University of Blogging

Presents to

An Honorary
Bachelor of
Comment Spam

Majoring in

Dr. GoQuiz.com

Go-Quiz.com [via Areeb’s Online]


  1. congrats on your Bachelor of Comment Spam :d

  2. hahahak!! apsal kalo wat nick dgn capital/lower case nanti result dia len len?

  3. [Comment ID #16849 Will Be Quoted Here]

    duh… i am not spammer… :((

    [Comment ID #16851 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hu3. yang tu aku tak pasti pulak.

  4. So Congratulationz ..
    You are also finally a Graduate after me :d

  5. lol… he3. :d