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My WordPress Plugins compatible with WP2.1

After facing some difficulties to upgrade my WordPress to the latest version, at last my site had successfully upgraded to WP2.1, codename Ella. There are many new updates and options in this new version but I’m not using them really much. I upgrade because I just want to fix the security flaws and to test […]

Malaysian websites can advertise on CypherHackz.Net

I just make a new page. It is about an offer to advertise on my site. I open my website for those who want to put their link ads on my website and the link will be placed on the sidebar for a month. But this offer only open to Malaysian web owners only because […]

450+ Freeware Utilities that will solve your problems

Peoples love free things. You don’t need to pay anything to get or using them because their totally free. Because of that, eConsultant had make a list of freeware utilities that you can use to solve some common problems. The list contains over 450 softwares and divided into multiple categories to make you easier to […]

UltimateDefrag – The Ultimate Disk Defragmenter

I have tested several defragmenters to defrag my PC. Some of them work great and some are not. After tested all of them, I decided to stick to UltimateDefrag from Disktrix. I make this choice after Disktrix update UltimateDefrag is a defragmenter that you can use to defrag your hard drive any way you want […]

Got the connection but…

Just a short post to say I’m sorry for no updates more than a week. It was all because of the internet access. But right now, I have got the access but the connection is damn slow. I mean damn slow is toooooo slow. When I want to open a website, it took about 3 […]

Cannot delete files? How to delete them?

Sometimes, you can’t delete certain files because they are currently in used by another software or process. Each time you try to delete the in-use file, Windows will give a warning like this: Cannot delete Folder: It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and […]

Firefox extensions you should avoid

Attention to all Firefox users. There are some Firefox entensions that you should avoid. This is because the extensions will collect data and uniquely identifying users without notifying them. To be safe, you should disable and remove the extensions from your Firefox usage. List of extensions that you should avoid can be found at Mozillazine […]

The PR Update Begins

In my previous post, I said that Google maybe will update the pagerank in this month and it is most likely on 7th January. And comment from eches has support my post. Google have recently started updating their datacenters. After I read his comment, I go check my pagerank. And the result is, almost datacenters […]

Weekly Highlights (Week 1, 2007)

Some posts from Week 1, 2007 (1st – 7th January 2007) that might interested you to read. 😉 Are you ready for the next PR update? No Updates will make your site loose in Visitors

I got a degree in blogging

This is really an honor when you get a degree from The University of Blogging. But what will be your expression when you get a bachelor in Comment Spam and major in Emo? Am I a spammer? :(( The University of Blogging Presents toCypherHackz An HonoraryBachelor ofComment Spam Majoring inEmo SignedDr. ® [via […]