Hooray! It’s back to normal!

It seems like the disaster that happen to almost internet users in Asian has over. :d On 12.40am (30 December 2006), my internet connection has back to normal where I can surf the Internet freely without need to wait so long just to open a single page. 🙁

From the news that I read, it will takes 2 to 3 weeks to repair the damaged caused by the earthquake in Taiwan. But maybe the workers work 24 hours, make this problem solved faster than the time predicted. Thanks to you guys! 🙂

How about you guys? See any improvements in your connection? [tags]earthquake, taiwan, internet, connection[/tags]


  1. Hm,.. I’m still browsing via an Australian proxy as suggested by the helpful community at Lowyat.net. I don’t use proxies for my IM’s and torrent clients, and so far things don’t really feel that different.

    I’ll play safe and wait until next week for a safer margin to test whetehr or not the connection has truly been restored. Yours might just be a lucky case to have gotten a big chunk of BW from the european pipeline 😀

  2. I’m sorry to break this to you but the reason why you feel your connection is fast at 12:40am is because of the less traffic during midnight. It’s still not okay yet.. you can do a traceroute and you’ll notice that there’s many extra hops and many timeouts on many other exchanges.

    Don’t do traceroute over TCP because TM Net blocks that. Use UDP instead.

  3. huhu..aku ade rase sesikit lah..tp kekejap je..pastu hampeh balik..nak menaip kat blog pun malas rasenyer..

  4. Still cannot open Berita Harian! 😡

  5. nope, the connection is not back to normal yet. (back to proxy connection)

  6. I think, today is much better than yesterday. :d Yesterday, Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian were barely loading all day long.

  7. tak tau plak aku tenet slow sampai takleh bukak utusan/bharian…setahu aku connection ke web kat us/euro/taiwan/japan jek 😕

  8. kalo konneksi dari euro ke web malaysia …:-?

  9. rasenyerr kul 3pagi td dah mule line ok..skang kul 6..ok je..takde lag lg..maybe dah ok kot..

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    i’m afraid you are wrong coz i still can surf the internet in normal speed this morning. :d

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    i can’t open berita harian website. hu3. and utusan too… :)>-

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    i guess only certain connections are ok now. or maybe utm use their backup connections.

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    actually i didn’t notice that we can’t open the bh and untusan website until you guys told me about this. lol…

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    not sure dude. hu3. have you try it? :p

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    i guess so coz i can surf the internet in normal speed this morning. ho3.

  11. malam2 mmg selalunya boleh.. cuba kalau time peak office hours (11am – 5pm) sure lembab semacam jek.. hujung minggu taktau la..ok la kot kalo hujung minggu 😉

  12. cam ok dah…google,yahoo dah boleh buka…hehehe…

  13. It didn’t affect me much, I’m using Celcom 3G *wink*
    anyways, hope you guys enjoy surfing again, cheers

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    aku rasa dah ok. skang ni pun takde pe2 problem. :d

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    how much that you need to pay for celcom 3G? is expensive?

  15. Back up for me as well.

    It was really frustrating and I didn’t even know why my net was so bad, considering I read all my news online!

  16. hopefully it will not happen again. 🙂

  17. so what