Diskeeper took two days to defrag my Windows

logo diskeeper sq 120This is really first time for me. Few days ago, I asked my readers what disk defragmenter they are using. Among the suggestions, I chose Diskeeper 2007 Professional just want to try it’s performance. After installed the defragmenter, I run the application.

The Defrag Process

First, I start defrag my E (installed applications; 60Gb) drive, then D (my documents, works, etc; 40Gb). Both drives only took about 10 minutes to finished. My first impression is, I think this will be my best disk defragmenter. But the next thing that happen had completely chopped down the impression.

After defragged E and D, I defrag my C (Windows files; 20Gb) drive. But do you know how long does it takes to defrag my C drive? Almost two days taken to defrag the drive and even two days, it is still not finish defrag the C drive. It is only 81% completed and suddenly Windows gave me warning that there is not enough space in my C drive. Maybe Diskeeper used to much space when defrag and forcing Windows to give the alert. So after one day and hours waiting, I stopped the defrag process and restart my computer. After the computer restarted, the C drive back to normal and 7Gb free spaces available in the drive.

My opinion

So my opinion is, Diskeeper requires a lot of disk space to defrag hard disk. So make sure that you have quite a lot of free spaces before you decide to use this software.

Your Opinions?

But maybe those who have using Diskeeper for long time know better than me. Does this ever happen to you? Usually how long does it take to defrag your Windows drive? [tags]diskeeper, disk, defragmenter, drive, fragmentation, windows[/tags]


  1. Is windows defragmenter not good enough?

  2. windows defragmenter is good but not so good. i want defragmenter that will put all files together and leave empty spaces behind.

  3. Try PerfectDisk – Microsoft certified and requires very little free space, and consolidates free space. Excellent little utility.

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    isn’t that what windows defrag does?

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    used it before but it gave me death blue screen. [-(

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    what i mean is, i want defragmenter that will append all files in front and only leave blank spaces at the behind. know what i mean? 🙂

  6. isnt that what windows defragmenter does? By the way, Windows Defragmenter is based on the old version of Diskeeper. 🙂 WIkipedia

  7. is that true? i never know about this. duh… 😮

  8. I told you Cypher, the Windows defragmenter is good and it’s build to really take good care of your pc. I don’t know from where this idea came that the internal Windows defrag wasn’t good.

    And to your 2 days defrag : LOL!

  9. lol… right now i’m using the windows defragmenter. i think i will use o&o back after they update the gui problem.

  10. You still don’t want to take my advice and use Smart Defrag.

    Ok, till you’ll use your o&o, try downloading and use the defragmenter from TuneXp. You have two types of defrag.

  11. i have downloaded the software and have try it. it is good though. thanks for recommend it to me. :)>-

  12. i’ve downloaded this software and i’m too glad