Webhosting Special Promotion – 3Gb for only RM80

datacenterThis is a special promotion for those who want to buy website hosting. The cheapest hosting that you can found in the internet is here. With only RM80, you can get 3Gb of space and 5Gb of bandwitdth. Not only just that, you also will get unlimited subdomain, mysql, email aliases and much more.

Surfers Std Hosting Plan: RM 80/Year

  • 3 GB of webspace
  • 50 GB of monthly bandwidth

Surfers Extra Hosting Plan: RM 120/Year

  • 5 GB of webspace
  • 80 GB of monthly bandwidth

Specification Summary:

  • Cpanel RVSKIN with Multi-Languages (LINUX Platform Only)
  • PLESK 7.5 For Windows (Windows Platform Only)
  • Support Up to 15 Add-On Domain (Linux Platform Only)
  • Unlimited Subdomain
  • Unlimited Email Aliases
  • Unlimited MYSQL Databases
  • Unlimited MSSQL Databases (Windows Platform Only)
  • Unlimited MS Access Databases (Windows Platform Only)
  • All our features, and
  • All our guarantees

More info: Internet Webhosting Special Promotion Package.

Cypher: As far as I use their service, there are not many problems occur. And if there is a problem, they will fix it as soon as possible. I really recommend it for those who are looking for hosting. It is really cheap and affordable. [tags]hosting, website, promotion, package, web hosting[/tags]


  1. RM80/year is indeed cheap. Do they allow SSH? For those who are looking, go for it 🙂

  2. Cgyhost is cheaper.


    5000MB Storage
    Bandwidth 60GB

    For RM70

    But their service is suck! I’ve requested my account details via YM, but I still dont get it. 😡

  3. cyghost is worst. although it is cheaper than the others but the service is worst. i have some friends that create account there and all of them don’t like it. [-(

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    i guess they support all the features. 🙂

  5. malaysianhoster is new but their technical support is very good and friendly.

  6. http://faithhosts.com

    try that…seems to be lot cheap..

  7. ei, ade org bley tlg2 ako, tak..
    perlikan ilmu drpd tuan2 hamba yg arif..
    baru nak start buat website,, personal je, no technical knowledge, tp nak blaja, orait?

    email la kalau boleh : dr3fao@gmail.com

  8. wei…camne ar ada member bapk aku dia nak upload website dia suh aku wat, tp aku tatau nak pakai hosting apa. xkan nak pakai yg free…ni utk seluruh mesia. biznes.
    camne wei…email aku wei Addy~!

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    nak belaja buat website leh belaja daripada w3school.com

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    check email.