Transformers in Cinema

Transformers will come into cinema on July 2007. I really can’t wait to watch the movie. The way the vehicle transforms to robot is really fantastic. I marked this movie as Must Watch Movie. :d

Transformers Movie [via Amanz] [tags]transformers, movie, cinema, mech[/tags]


  1. I am also waiting for its release …

  2. wow, I can’t wait to see it too…. hurray

  3. yea dude. i really can’t wait to watch it. :d

  4. Superb! Generally I never read whole articles but the way you wrote this information is simply amazing and this kept my interest in reading and I enjoyed it. You have got great writing skills.

  5. you can always watch movies on youtube, though most free movies on youtube are not the full length ones ‘

  6. there are many new movies to watch this month, i would be going to the cinema and video rental store again :-~