Be the Malaysian WordPress Translator

This is a great opportunity for those who are really have much time to spend. For Malaysian peoples, you can be the WordPress Translator to translate the English strings for

This project is for those who are speak in English and another language (Eg: Malay) to make available in their national language.

This is a project where people who are speak English and another language can make available in their language of choice for themselves and their country.

Based on the rankings, currently, Bahasa Melayu has only finished about 500 words (still increasing). There are about 3000 words need to translate though.

This is not limited to Malaysian only. It is open to all. There are many languages that you can translate. If you interested and don’t have any things to do, go and participate in the project. Wishing you good luck! 🙂 [tags]translate, dictionary, translator[/tags]

Thanks to Ejon. :d


  1. is not “words” la buat “strings”

    BTW, this theme is nicer than previous one.

  2. mintak maaf ye bang. BI tak power. hu3. dah edit dah post tu. thanks. :)>-

  3. gile dah wp ni..macam macam ada dah
    hahahahhahahahah :d

  4. Only German version is complete. And it can be found at . Why dont be the second? By the way, how to join? 😕

  5. easy! just go to and login use account and click random to translate randomize word 😀

  6. takpe la kalo german no 1. kita tak payah la nak lumba. kualiti tu penting 🙂 kalo translate tapi hancus wat ape kan??

  7. Wow… but I would still love to read CypherHackz in English. You know why I’m talking to you like this 😀

  8. Hi,

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  9. wakakaka…sana sini citer pasal menda nie…nanti aku nak tulis gak ar kat blog aku..:d

  10. aku dah sumbangkan mana yang aku tahu.. ehehehe:”>

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    yup. macam2 dah yang dorang nak buat. hu3.

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    lets participate in the project dude. 🙂

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    this blog will still remain in english. don’t worry dude. :p

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    i will do it after this. :d