My Second Article got published in Ezine Articles

I submitted my entry about Tips on how to name your AdSense Channels to Ezine Articles last month and recently I got an email from them that the article I sent has successfully approved on their website.

I decided to submit the article because I think it is worth to share with others especially the adsense publishers on how they can name their adsense channels for better tracking in the reports. The format that I use to rename my channels is really easy. Here is the format that I use:

[site/theme]_[file]-[location]-[ads type]

Explanations for the format above has been explained in my post. For more details, read the entry here, Tips on how to name your AdSense Channels.

The first article that I submitted to Ezine Articles is about How to Advertise Your Blog. It is mainly focus about how you can use free services such as Ezine Articles to promote your blog. Read the entry here and start advertise and promote your blog. 🙂

Btw I have a question to ask. Do you mind if your articles got plagiarised?[tags]adsense, channel, articles, promote, blog[/tags]


  1. congrats… dapat lagi free traffic…

  2. hu3. harap2 leh la increase traffic.

  3. plagariasm? no after spending few hours writing those article. [-(

  4. hu3. dah serik yek?

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