WP Theme: Tulus 1.0 beta by Bat

Actually Bat and me want to release our theme (my theme: CypherFS Bliss) together. And this is the theme designed by Bat from Infomalaya. Another Malaysian wordpress theme maker.

Theme Name: Tulus
Theme URI: http://www.infomalaya.com
Description: 3 column theme. Easy to customized.
Version: 1.0
Author: Mohd Huzairy@Bat Mohd Rezuan
Author URI: http://huzairy.wordpress.com

This theme name is Tulus with version 1.0 beta. It is 3 columns with fixed width and nice header. Clean and neat with white background. He also has included the .psd file for the header so you can edit the header image as you wish.

For a demo, you can visit the theme here, Tulus 1.0 beta and for download here is the link: Tulus2.zip [tags]themes, skin, tulus, infomalaya[/tags]


  1. Thanks for expose it here..huhu 😀 still need to fix the bugs..

  2. he3. fix it asap dude. better do it now. /:)

  3. haha..fix already..thanks to you and ikram :)>-

  4. no problem. i found that error excidentally. thats why i report it.

  5. Look somehow the same as liewcf but way much neater..