WP Theme: CypherFS Bliss v1.20061204

At last here is the release of my first public theme for WordPress. Some of you may already know about the name. This theme name is CypherFS Bliss with version v1.20061204. Why the version looks kinda weird? Well that is my types of naming a theme version. Lol… He3.

This theme is valid Xhtml and CSS. If you wish to download the theme, you can visit the theme page here, WP Theme: CypherFS Bliss. Thanks for your time. [tags]themes, skins, cypherfs bliss[/tags]


  1. reviewed in my blog. Inform me if you want me to remove direct link… 😛

    p/s: kalo salah tatabahasa, maafkan…lemah sikit english nie… 😛

  2. Theme looks pretty man , good work .

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    lol… thank you very much buddy… :d

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    thanks man. 🙂