Calculate your AdSense earnings with AdSense Calculator

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This free AdSense Calculator will let you to pre-calculate your AdSense earnings. It based on your page impressions, CTR and CPC.

  • No time limitations
  • Integrated with AdSense Help
  • Automatically notified when there is a new version

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Edit: Thanks for the comments. The link has been edited. Please try again! :d


  1. object not found..

  2. Can’t download the calculator, Error 404.

    – MENJ

  3. Hi, The link is not working.Its great tool but where do i get it

  4. xmo donlod..nnt aku takde keje lain..hahaha:d

  5. maybe they have remove the file from download. not sure man… 😮

  6. They snent me this link

    If you are not ready to review and your testing requires some more time just click the link below and a reminding message arrives to you in three days

  7. i dunno what happen. did you got the software yet?

  8. No i didnt,It only asks to mae a review lol how can if i dont have the software yet

  9. duh… i dunno lol… 🙁

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