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Tag: Five ways to earn money online

After few days I answered Five Things About this Not Known Blogger tag, again, I have been tagged by Ashok . But this time, it is about how to earn money online? Here is my 5 ways on how you can earnn money online. 1. Text Link Ads Why I put Text Link Ads in […]

Diskeeper took two days to defrag my Windows

This is really first time for me. Few days ago, I asked my readers what disk defragmenter they are using. Among the suggestions, I chose Diskeeper 2007 Professional just want to try it’s performance. After installed the defragmenter, I run the application. The Defrag Process First, I start defrag my E (installed applications; 60Gb) drive, […]

Hooray! It’s back to normal!

It seems like the disaster that happen to almost internet users in Asian has over. :d On 12.40am (30 December 2006), my internet connection has back to normal where I can surf the Internet freely without need to wait so long just to open a single page. 🙁 From the news that I read, it […]

4 Tricks to Shut Down your Windows

There are many methods that you can use to shut down your computer. The normal way is click on Start > Turn Off Computer > Turn Off. But here I will share with you how you can shut down your computer in different ways. 🙂 1. The fastest way I always do this when I […]

Webhosting Special Promotion – 3Gb for only RM80

This is a special promotion for those who want to buy website hosting. The cheapest hosting that you can found in the internet is here. With only RM80, you can get 3Gb of space and 5Gb of bandwitdth. Not only just that, you also will get unlimited subdomain, mysql, email aliases and much more. Surfers […]

Wanted! Best Disk Defragmenter

I’m looking for disk defragmenter (other than Windows built-in) that gives good optimization and works without produce any problems to my PC. Does anyone know any best disk defragmenter software? I know there are plenty defrag tools out there but I want to hear from you guys, based on your experiences. I tried PerfectDisk and […]

Earthquake in Taiwan Distrupted Entire Asia Network

This morning, I got an email from my hosting provider. In the email, they said that the earthquake in Taiwan has distrupted entire Asia network when two undersea cables (SeaMeWe 3 and APCN2) are damaged. That’s why the internet connection is so slow right now. I even can’t get access to some websites because of […]

Transformers in Cinema

Transformers will come into cinema on July 2007. I really can’t wait to watch the movie. The way the vehicle transforms to robot is really fantastic. I marked this movie as Must Watch Movie. :d Transformers Movie [via Amanz] [tags]transformers, movie, cinema, mech[/tags]

Tag: Five Things About this Not Known Blogger

I have been tagged by Ashish Mohta. Here are the five things that you did not know about me. Eat a lot – Yea. I eat a lot but my body still maintain. Ho3. Not big, not small. :p Love old songs – I love to listen to old school Malay rock songs like Qiara […]

Be the Malaysian WordPress Translator

This is a great opportunity for those who are really have much time to spend. For Malaysian peoples, you can be the WordPress Translator to translate the English strings for This project is for those who are speak in English and another language (Eg: Malay) to make available in their national language. This […]