How to test your PHP scripts locally?

How do you test your PHP scripts? Upload them to your website server and test them one by one, or you test them locally on your computer first before upload them to the server?

To test my PHP files, I use WAMP . With WAMP, you can make your computer act as a website server. Before I knew about WAMP, I always upload my PHP files to web server to test them. But after one of my friends, name Azhar (I called him Ja’a) told me about WAMP, I now will test the scripts locally in my computer before I upload them to my site. [tags]wamp, wampserver, php[/tags]

What is WAMP?

WAMP is stands for Windows – Apache – MySQL – P HP. These are services that are needed to make your computer act as a server. When you install WAMP, WAMP will automatically configures them to work together. So you can test your scripts before you upload them to your server.

Do I really need WAMP?

If I were you, I will definitely install and use this software. This tool is really useful. Let say that you want to edit your wordpress site theme. After you have edit the theme, how you want to know whether the theme that you have edited contains no errors. As myself, I always edit my theme. I don’t know why, but I love to. He3. When I edit the theme, I will test it first. If it is not ok, I will edit it again until I satisfy. Then after all are finish, I will upload it to my website.

I can’t wait. Where I can get it?

Hold on bro… He3. This software is free to download. Its size is about 17Mb. The latest version was released on 2nd November 2006 contains with latest version of PHP, My SQL, Apache and php My Admin. For more info and to download the software, you can visit their website HERE.


  1. Yeah its really cool.I had been using it for a while.

    But i still doubt wther it will simulate the real environment ie the hosting environment.There are lot of factors other than this.

    Moreover some plugins failed while i was trying to locally host and some where bursting on server but not locally.

    Its really confusing.


  2. I develop all my sites locally using above method, although there are some thing which we have to keep in mind. Linux is case sensitive whereas windows is not, so filename error are not caught in local window pc, also mail functions does not work properly in local pc.

  3. @Ashok: I agree with you,I was thinking about the same after posting the comment , I had worked on Linux for like 2 yrs.Thx for telling that else i would have called some people.

  4. i use xampplite
    🙂 easy and convenient

  5. @novatech please provide me a link or let me know on my blog.

  6. I use Easy PHP and xaamp . Easy to setup .

  7. Hi,

    I would request to all the commentors to provide a link to the software they are using.
    That will help the other readers to compare to exisiting using software and choosing a good one

  8. [Comment ID #15327 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yea. it happen to me too. i can’t make my easy announcement work in wamp. dunno why. and it also won’t work in xampp.

    [Comment ID #15333 Will Be Quoted Here]

    here is the link for xampp. 🙂

    [Comment ID #15335 Will Be Quoted Here]

    easy php? i will try it when i back to uni. thanks! 🙂

  9. why ur easy announcement not working? what kind of error it shown?
    @Ashish Mohta there are the link.. cypher already provide it

    who know what editor is suite to edit large php file and have error detector like which line is wrong and so on…
    using notepad killing me everytime i make a mistake and i donno where it’s esspecially involving lots of loops… 😮

  10. i also use easy php

  11. [Comment ID #15360 Will Be Quoted Here]

    dunno. the errors that it gave me is too long. nge3. if you looking for text editor, i suggest you use editplus. 🙂

    [Comment ID #15362 Will Be Quoted Here]

    cool… another easy php user. :d

  12. Well, I’ve been using WAMP for ages now. It has a weird problem with Skype running in the background. Try to run both WAMP and Skype at once, WAMP will fail to load :)>-

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  14. are you sure? i am using firefox too and there is nothing problem from here. tell me if you still can’t give the comment through firefox and will check what is going on.

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