Applied for Public Bank Debit Card


Last week I have applied for Public Bank debit card. Because I am still a student so I could not afford to use a credit card. So get a debit card is the only option for me.

bsnmatrixI applied for debit card because I want to activate my Paypal account. Really want to activate it. As soon as possible is better. At first, I thought I can use BSN Matrix card because it has Visa Electron. But when I type in the card number, it got rejected. And after asked in MalaysiaBloggers forum, they said that BSN Matrix card is useless. It is not accepted anywhere in online. Duh…

Why PB debit card?

Well first I can’t use BSN Matrix card, that’s why I applied it. Beside than I am still a student, so I choose a debit card rather than credit card. If we use debit card, we can manage our spending properly. We only can use the debit card if there is money in it. So no need to pay the monthly bills. To topup the money into the card, just need to cash-in into our account. And the annual fee is cheap. Just RM24 per year.

Cypher: Really hope that I will receive the debit card next week.[tags]bank, debitcard, malaysia, visa, visaelectron[/tags]


  1. awat tak guna ambank prepaid kad? boleh beli kat 7-eleven. cuma rm25

  2. sebelum aku apply pb debit card ni, aku dah try usha dulu dah dan akhirnye pb debit card yang besh! :)>-

  3. ako nye pakai ct bank dowh..
    tapi bapak punye la..
    kalo sindriknye ako pakai yg macam aman ckp tue la..
    agik baguz dari PB yg ko masudkan tue..

  4. fantomette says:

    aku dh add card aku kat paypal gk. pastu aku nk beli megauload premium. die kata card x diterima. apsl ha??

  5. kau letak card ape? pb debit card atau card bsn tu?

  6. pb debit card. eh, jenis card tu VISA kan??

  7. aah. visa. btw aku nyer lum dapat lagi. kau dulu berapa lama ek tunggu tuk dapat card tu?

  8. aku apply gune online jer. aku pilih antar kad kat umah. pas 2 minggu aku dpt surat bgtau akunye kad dh siap, die bg skali no.kad. tp, die soh masukkan duit RM25 baru die kuarkan kad. aku masuk duit tu ahad (10/12) pakai online banking. smlm sabtu aku dh dpt kad tu. die antar pakai pos laju. tp, die antar kendian.

  9. heehheheh…. problem aku dh settle. kesimpulannya kad public bank bleh dipakai. lg satu, pastikan ade duit sblm buat ape2 urusan. hahahahah……

  10. [Comment ID #15803 Will Be Quoted Here]

    aku tak tahu bile la aku akan dapat pb card tu. ish3. lama la pulak. :((

  11. Hi Cypher, I’m so glad I found your website. I want to verify my Paypal account too so that I can receive payments! Is the debit card from Public Bank the most suitable for Paypal?

    I am a student too and yeah, credit cards are a big no-no for us!

  12. public bank debit card is the most suitable for student. and it only cost you RM25 per year. :d

  13. Check out How I Got My Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card. Just got my pin code yesterday :”>

  14. i wish i can send the application letter as soon as possible. but right now, i am so busy. :((

  15. hie..

    i’ve applied for PB debit card online but i haven’t send in the printed documents required. How long do they take to send u the PB card?

  16. You need to send that document. I can’t remember how long does it takes for the document to arrive to my home. Arround 2 or 3 weeks if I am not mistaken.

  17. apply online ek? nt aku try…

  18. too interesting