Microsoft Firefox 2007 – We’ve Made it Better


Check this out, Microsoft Firefox 2007 Professional Edition.

At first when I look at this site, I can see that it is not a website from Microsoft. And why should Microsoft use Google AdSense on their site. Want to generate more incomes? Lol… Btw they offer free email account. If you want, you can signup at their site but beware, I’m not sure whether this website belongs to Microsoft or not.

Cypher: I like watching the video. Funny! Lol… :)) I have downloaded the video for my collection. :d [tags]microsoft, firefox, internet browser[/tags]

[via InfoMalaya]


  1. I dont think so that is Microsoft website. Please be careful when downloading from there. Anyway…Google already lunch their new service that is Google Docs & Spreadsheets Beta. You can read some review at my blog 🙂

  2. This site was developed a member of dp forum to show that he can bring thousands of visitors within few days of it launch. It is not official site of MS or firefox. I was following him in his thread in DP

  3. it is obviously not a site from microsoft. I’ve made a review on this site when IE7 just launched. Seems like the website had changed its designs then. The download is actually safe because you are downloading the IE7 from the download link. 🙂

  4. that’s definitely a prank website..probably a Microsoft employee who trying to make more people use IE instead..:-?

  5. btw i heared, that website has been sued by microsoft.

  6. I think this is to promote the new Ie7 which mostly have the same features to thr great firfox: )>-

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    Why be careful? I’m using a mac.

  8. Mac’s are only safe because nobody cares about them.

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    agree. there are not many peoples using mac.

  10. mac is going the same way as ibm pc dos 1.0. no hackers even want to touch it with a yard long stick.