Snap Preview Anywhere – Create site thumbnails in a Snap

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Snap Preview Anywhere from Snap is a site tool that will let your visitors see where a link goes before they click on it. Just rollover the mouse on any link on your site, Snap Preview Anywhere will give visual display of the site without having to go there. The best part is this service is free and no maintenance required. [tags]snap, thumbnail, site tool[/tags]


  • High quality preview images
  • Instant feedback and response
  • 250 million site previews
  • Simple signup process
  • No maintenance required
  • Snap search box

Cypher: I don’t think that I will impliment it on here. Found at Tech Buzz. 🙂


  1. Yeah, I’m also planning to remove it since it clutters my blog. Thanks for the link

  2. i think it is useful if been used in personal blog/website. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll think of implementing it on my personal blog

  4. i also have my own personal website but it is in malay. i think i will put this snap thingy on that site.

  5. By the way..when I’m entering your blog, I’ve been redirected to ads page about this snap preview..maybe you should check it..

  6. huh? are you sure? maybe that is ads from adbrite.

  7. [Comment ID #15176 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Confirm fauzi, tapi sekarang dah tak keluaq pulak.. 😕

  8. bahaya neh. hu3. aku pun tak tahu macam mana bende tu leh berlaku.

  9. It does look kind of cool. Makes the blog a bit more attractive and is light on the page.

    BTW, you forgot about my plugin.

  10. i got 404 page error. 🙁