Pre-Order your Optimus-103 Keyboard this December 12

optimus-sm-sideSeems like they have been ready to take pre-orders on Optimus-103 keyboard. This product is actually has been released on 14th July 2005 but it is not available for orders until now after they said in their Livejournal that they are going to start taking the pre-orders on this 12th December 2006.

We are going to start taking pre-orders for the Optimus-103 on 12.12.2006 (00:00 MSK).

Optimus-103 is a LED keyboard powered by its own DC adapter. Because of hundres LED used, this keyboard cannot functional if powered by USB alone. The stylish design and the cool looking LED keys on the keyboard, it sure will brigthen up your desktop in the dark. :d

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  1. OMG !!!! i sure hope to get this keyboard i don’t have to sell my arm and legs and morgage my mother’s house….and get 2 bank loans ….


    hmm..u know how much ?

  2. dunno. they didn’t announce yet the price. but i’m sure it is really expensive. :d

  3. I read a little earlier, it’s going to be around $400 (USD). Here’s hoping the exchange rate is honoured propperly, and it’ll come to the UK at around £200 (GBP). 🙂