Hack ATMs using MP3 Player

According to The Times of London, a criminal gang in U.K was able to steal confidential banking data by bugging ATMs with a MP3 player.

The gang tapped the phone line between the targeted freestanding cash dispenser ATM and a wall soket by placing a two-way adaptor on it and connect it to a MP3. The electronic noise from the data traffic will be recorded into the MP3 player and will be interpreted by using a modem line tap or using special software program.

They managed to get copies of credit cards and make purchases worth $380 000 according to The Times.

[via CNET News] [tags]atm, mp3, player, hack, handphone[/tags]

Cypher: How about if we tapped the phone line by using handphone. Then we transfer the recorded noise to a software to interpret the data. Just an idea. :d


  1. How would you tap with your handphone when the ATMs are using PSTN lines?

    Or do you mean using the handphone’s recording function?

  2. yea. record the noise made by the atm and decode it with software.

  3. This is easy but what software would you use to decode the sound data?

  4. that i’m not sure though. he3. :d

  5. try la buat benda2 bodoh mcm ni, kena tangkap mampus kena belasah…

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  7. i heard from my friend that Malaysia’s phone line is very backdated..if Kevin Mitnick was here..he can tap all phone conversation of anyone he wanted..you might want to ask him on that..

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