Bigger than the previous RSS Button

Last week, I posted an entry about the world largest RSS Button “created” by John Chow. But there is a guy named himself as SeanRox had created bigger RSS Button than John Chow’s.

Want to see his RSS Button? But first, guess how much the size is?

Here is the link to the biggest RSS Button that I ever seen. The button size is 2001 x 2000 px. Really big huh? [tags]rss, rss button, world[/tags]


  1. yea.i wonder how much memory size that he use to create this button.

  2. dude… that’s WAYYYYY too big! lol

  3. [Comment ID #15109 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i think he just resize it to big one.

    [Comment ID #15110 Will Be Quoted Here]

    indeed. he3.

  4. wow.. besar gak tu… 2000 by 2000… besar gak.. aku nyer pc confirm hang kalau try…

    tapi aku rasa dia amik matt brett nyer adobe illustrator file (ai) , then just besarkan je…

  5. aku pun rasa macam tu jugak. takkan la die nak create besar2 from scracth.

  6. aah la..mungkin di cuma resize bagi besar..sebab nampak ada pixelated skit..

  7. actually.. senang je kalau nak buat guna photoshop gak.. guna pen tool.. buat shape, then resize by percentage… (%).. tadaaaa

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    yup. kalau betul2 buat takkan leh sampai 2000 x 2000. meletup computer. hu3. :-”

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    kau taknak try buat ke ikram_zidane? buat colour lain pulak.