StumbleUpon – Discover and Share Great Websites

stumble upon logoI just registered to StumbleUpon today*. Lol… It has online since 2001 but I just register it today. What a pity… He3.

Anyway for those who don’t know what is StumbleUpon, StumbleUpon is a website that helps you to discover and share great websites. When you stumble a website, you will share the website to your friends and like-minded people that have same interests with you. And you also can discover new great websites that your friends recommend.

Register to StumbleUpon is totally free. But you need to install their toolbar. This toolbar is working fine with Firefox and IE. And don’t forget to add me as your friend once you have registered. 🙂 [tags]stumbleupon, register, discover, website[/tags]

*Actually the date was 3rd November 2006


  1. Today?, I’ve added you as a friend long long time ago

  2. have you read the post yet? lol…

    *Actually the date was 3rd November 2006

    i put a footnote at the end of the post.