How-To: Edit Rainlendar 2 Style Settings

A few days ago, I have posted about cool dekstop calendar software called Rainlendar 2. All the new features are great. But I don’t know how to edit the style settings like I did in the earlier version.

After I searched at their support forum, I found a topic discuss about this problem. If you want to edit the skin style settings, just rename the skin file extension to .zip and edit the xml/elements.xml. Edit what you want and save the new settings. Then refresh Rainlendar 2 and see the changes made.

Another problems that I currently working on are how to add new categories and how to edit the text colour. If I found the way to resolve these problems, I will update this post again. [tags]rainlendar, rainlendar 2, software, tweaks, how-to[/tags]


  1. thanks for the info. i read your previous post and now it is now on my must-install-software for client’s pc. don’t forget to share your custom-style huh..(screenshot) 😉

  2. i will try in meanwhile.. :))

  3. should try it dude….hik3..i’m sure you’ll never regret :)>-

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    ok. i will make another post about this topic later. and will include with the screenshot too. 🙂

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    yup. better download it now. he3.

  5. Good thinking man, keep us posted.

  6. Wow! This is nice~ Thank you for telling us how!
    But all I want to do is to edit the font color only that.. ;D
    Hehe~ Is there a way?
    Btw, I like the way you blog!! ^_^

    • Btw, I tried just now.. It didn’t work.. =(
      tried it with .zip and says ‘No archive found’
      tried it with .rar, even though I dunno what is the difference between them, says ‘No archive found’ too!