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Applied for Public Bank Debit Card

Last week I have applied for Public Bank debit card. Because I am still a student so I could not afford to use a credit card. So get a debit card is the only option for me. I applied for debit card because I want to activate my Paypal account. Really want to activate it. […]

How to test your PHP scripts locally?

How do you test your PHP scripts? Upload them to your website server and test them one by one, or you test them locally on your computer first before upload them to the server? To test my PHP files, I use WAMP . With WAMP, you can make your computer act as a website server. […]

Easy Auto Update your Copyright in Footer

For those who like to put Copyright [year] in footer might like this trick. It is just simple trick by using php date function. Usually we see a copyright at footer like this: Copyright © 2004 – 2006 But when the next year come, you have to edit the footer for the next year. […]

Akismet Alone is Not Enough

There are many anti-spam plugins available on the net that you can use to prevent your website from getting/blocking more spams in comments or trackbacks. Some of them are working just fine and some of them are too strict which even blocking human visitors (there are two types of visitors, human and robots) from visiting […]

Working on my own WordPress theme

Currently I working on to make my own WordPress theme. I already knew basic HTML but I need to learn and master CSS. I want to learn how to use <div>. If using <table> it is easy because you can set which place you want to put the rows and the datas but if using […]

TV Links – Better than a Remote Control

Want to watch free tv shows, cartoons or animes? Here is come the website you are waiting for, TV Links. TV Links with their slogan “Better than a Remote Control” is a website that provide links to available videos from various sources such as youtube, dailymotion or bolt. They collect all these links and compile […]

WP Plugin: Today Posts v1.0

I would like to announce my new plugin, Today Posts. This plugin will list down your posts for that day. Let say, you have published multiple post in a day. So maybe some of the posts published will not be read by your site visitors because they need to scroll down. By list down your […]

Simple tweak in Easy Announcement plugin

I just edited my Easy Announcement plugin which is, it will display a link to edit the announcement when you are login to your website. So you can directly go to edit file page, without need to go to admin panel > manage > edit file. Here are the screenshots on what I mean. Image […]

Weekly Highlights (Week 46, 2006)

Some posts from Week 46, 2006 (20th – 26th November 2006) that you might want to read. 😉 Reduce Firefox Memory Usage when Minimize Tips on how to name your AdSense Channels Add StumbleUpon in your WordPress Publish your post while you are away

How to Remove AdSense PSAs from Your Website?

PSA stands for Public Service Ads which mean you will get nothing if peoples click on those ads. These ads will appear on your site if there is not enough contents or adsense crawler has not yet crawled to your website pages. Beside you can fill the ads with solid color, you can remove the […]