YouTube: Neo (Matrix) vs Robocop

Have you watch the fight between Terminator and Robocop yet? If not, you can watch it here.

And this is another video about Robocop fights with Neo (Matrix). I really enjoy this video. And guess who will win? He3.

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  1. huhu.. kreatif… flow dia smooth jerk..

  2. So cool, Earlier I’ve seen Robocop vs Termi.. it was so funny. I’m still downloading this one

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    yup. really creative. and i found some other funny videos from youtube. lol… :))

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    i have downloaded all these funny videos. really enjoy them. he3.

  4. hmm…titanic 2 dah tengok blum..?

  5. belum lagi. nape? bagi la link die… 🙂

  6. there is another ccool video
    look up for
    Batman VS predator VS alien on you tube
    I am not joking
    it is there

  7. yea. i have watched it. really cool. know who is the director?

  8. i’ve watched this video and it is really very intersting