Back from “On Vacation (21st Oct – 29th Oct 2006)”

Hello guys…

I have back to UTM. Just arrived actually. So tired. Journey from KL to JB is so tiring. About 5 hours I sit in the bus. 🙁

Well this is just a short post. I will start update this website begin tomorrow morning or maybe tonight. And don’t forget to subscribe to my site feed to get the updates. Till then. See ya later… 🙂


  1. huhuhu…welcome back dude..:d

  2. Welcome back.

    How was your vacation?

  3. welcome back. :d cammana ngan raya kor..?

  4. Welcome back buddy!
    Hope you have a great story to share abt ur vacation 🙂


  5. Welcome back, Hope you have some pictures to share

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    hu3. macih… :d

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    great. i really enjoy it. :)>-

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    boleh la. dapat la jugak duit raya. hik3.

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    thanks for the welcome. 😉

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    i didn’t take any photos. so i don’t have anything to share. 🙁