PR 0 website with 2798, 0000 readers?

Note: In this post, I just too curious with what had happen. I didn’t mean to hate or make something bad to the site owner. So forgive me if I did something wrong. 🙂

Ok here is the situation. I was shocked when I saw a PR 0 website have 2798K feed readers. The website that I’m talking about is

2798k pr0

It curious me when a website with only PR 0 can have 2798K readers. It is really amazing. Then I make my own investigation. :d

First, I click on the feed counter and it bring me this page.


Of course it will bring you to it’s site feed but I still not satisfy with what I get. Then I go back to the website and right click on the feed counter to check it’s image properties.


Tada… I found something that is not correct here. As you can see in the image above, the image location is not from the site feed, but it is from BoingBoing website.


Now I know that it just only a hoax. But how many exactly their feed readers? So with simple trick, I get this.


Nah… It actually only have 21 feed readers… Nice trick! 😉 [tags]nice trick, feed readers, feed counter, boingboing[/tags]


  1. HAHAA..that’s exactly what i did!!..i too couldn’t believe it.

  2. Now that is a good way to get subscribers!

  3. 😉 waaa..hebatnya..ekekeke 😛

  4. wow …. teach me how to do that !!!! i want!!!

  5. @wingz: That guy is a faker. I hope you don’t want to become a faker, too?

  6. [Comment ID #14919 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yea. simple trick.

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    i’m not sure if we can get more subscribers if we do like that because even he use boingboing feed counter, he still only get 21 feed readers. 🙂

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    lol… i knew you are just kidding. :d

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    tak hebat mana pun la… :p

  7. LoL.. is a marketing blog anyway… so they’ll use whatever tactics to market their blog. Even though it means deceiving the readers into thinking that it’s such a *famous* blog 🙂

  8. hehehe…you have become just like detective conan… 🙂

  9. But it’s a very interesting blog though. Faker or not faker, alot of the tricks might be some sort of experiments or just for fun stuff…lol

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    yea. i know it is a one way to promote your site feed. but it is really interesting you know. it caught my attention when the first time i saw it. 🙂

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    lol… i’m not conan. i’m a simple nice guy. he3.

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    i agree with you. that site is really interesting. it has good contents and so informative. 🙂

  11. you have just promoted it. (giving 6-pr backlink too) ..nice trick by the admin I think. 🙂

  12. thats why some people said,

    “although we did something bad (but this is not bad, ok), we still can be popular.” :d

  13. agreed.. :d

  14. I don’t see any post or page in the website that declare the website has DONE IT or any form of information that CELEBRATES webblogerz site success. So I consider the above trick as just some normal trick or experiment the author is playing.

    But what I can see is: He has made someone to blog about his website for FREE. A free publicity to his website might consider a little succes on his “trick”.

  15. I have done this trick too! Why didnt Cypherhackz notice about that? Haha. But I did not take the image direct from boingboing feed. I copy the image to my server. By the way, the number is not 200k, only 33. Haha

    But the current feed readers on my blog is true. After redirecting my feed, I realise that I have more feed readers.

    In case you are interested, here is the article on how to redirect your feeds

  16. lol… your website was down before. so i didn’t notice about it till your site up and running. :d

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