New Image Header – Towards Web 2.0

I just designed a new image header and favicon for my site. What do you think? Actually I want to make this site a Web 2.0 by making my own new theme but I don’t know how to create theme by using <div> tag. I only know using <tables>. So I just change what I can in this theme.

Btw does your site is a Web2.0? [tags]web 2.0, image, design[/tags]


  1. Wow !! That one looks pretty :”>, I’m also planning a similar logo for my blog. Hmm… I’m not sure if my blog looks Web 2.0ish, what do you think ?

  2. i just use photoshop. it is not really hard when you know the basic. :)>-

    btw if you asked me, i think your site is not yet look like web2.0. but i know that you can improve it. good luck buddy! 🙂

  3. It’s cool :d i just put it under my footer this way I could help you bit with traffic (free ads for you my friend0 :d – and thanks for any past help and support too, appreciates it alot. Keep up i will come here often to learn from you :)>-

  4. lol… thanks to you too. thanks for every support that you did to me. i really appreciate it. 🙂

  5. Just a normal ordinary guy who needs to learn the art of blog from you :d .. :)>- Anyway. Your blog is RSS’ed by me. :d

  6. don’t worry. i have subscribed to all feeds that on my links list.