Recharge your batteries through USB

aacellLife now get more easier. With this USB rechargeable batteries, you no need to bring along your charger or cables when travelling.

If the power become low, all you need to do is just plug this USB batteries to any accessible powered USB to recharge the batteries.

This NiMH AA can be used like other normal batteries and the unique about this product is it is USB recharge. Btw the price for 2 cell pack is £12.99. Is that too much?

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AAA-fold-3-in-a-row-400 9V-charge-400en Phone-cell-with-laptop-crop

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  1. I really hope there is usb charger for laptop which is…..not so suitable. Nice Digg anyway.

  2. for laptop? how about if you make it your own laptop USB charger. :)>-

  3. bila ar nak sampai kat mysia… ???:-?

  4. mahal giler. teringat time minat giler kt kereta remote dulu. start dr rechargable bateri camni pastu gi minyak. :((

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    not sure. maybe 1 or 2 years. or maybe more.

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    he3. how about if handphone use fuel to functional? 😕