Firefox the loser. IE the winner.

Is that true that IE is faster than firefox? Watch this YouTube video and give your comments.

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Cypher: Even IE is faster, I still want to use Firefox because Firefox have many extensions and themes. :d

Even IE is faster than Firefox [via JohnTP][tags]youtube, firefox, ie, benchmarks[/tags]


  1. I surely agree with you, Firefox themes and extensions are somthing which i can’t live without.

  2. But I think, Firefox is due to the fact that it supports extension, without extensions its still faster than IE !! What do you say ??

    Best of all is Safari !!

  3. mmg la opera yg terbaguz..
    dan ie laju agik dari FF..
    tapi FF still da besh one..
    flock lak cam ner..

  4. flock tak tahu coz tak pernah cube. tapi me lagi suke firefox. besh! :)>-

  5. [Comment ID #14815 Will Be Quoted Here]

    dude, i don’t know why your comments keep trapping in my akismet.

  6. flock sama jerks..
    kelebihan die photosharing and blogging software die..
    serta die kuweng makan resource cam FF..
    bagi aku FF ngan Flock adalah sama..

  7. Bolt Crank says:

    my firefox 2.0rc3 full of ext is faster than my IE

  8. i will download firefox2 when it is final release. can’t wait to download it. 🙂

  9. Give Maxthon a try… better than Firefox by far.

  10. What makes Maxtor better than other?

  11. Maxthon loads much quicker than Firefox.
    also has plenty of skins and plugins, extensions, etc.
    Tabbed interface takes up much less of your viewing space.
    better control of tabs.