Beta Marker – Like it? Mark it!

Beta Marker is a website use the same concept as Digg. But the diffrence is, at Beta Marker you only mark software that you like. If you like or found out that the software is useful, you mark it. With this, you can promote the software to peoples.

Beta Marker is about software you like. You’ll discover the newest software releases here, all submitted by Beta Marker members. If you like a software, mark it to promote it to the home page. Submit, comment, mark and share your activity with friends.

Link: Beta Marker [tags]beta marker, freeware, shareware, downloads[/tags]


  1. I read about Beta Marker in Download Squad a few weeks ago and signed up. I’ve discoved some really cool new programs and utilites that i use regulary now (such as Foxit PDF Reader instead of Acrobat). I like ! \:d/

  2. i’m sure Beta Marker helping peoples so much. and their members there are also helpful.