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YouTube: Neo (Matrix) vs Robocop

Have you watch the fight between Terminator and Robocop yet? If not, you can watch it here. And this is another video about Robocop fights with Neo (Matrix). I really enjoy this video. And guess who will win? He3. Direct Download [tags]neo, robocop, youtube, video, matrix[/tags]

Firefox 2 – 30 Downloads per Second

Is this a record? 2 million downloads in a day which means about 30 downloads per each second. That is really amazing. What an amazing week it’s been. In just the first 24 hours, there were more than 2 million people using the new Firefox 2 browser. We were seeing downloads as high as 30 […]

Rainlendar 2 – A customizable desktop calendar

I have using Rainlendar since early 2005 and I really like it features. And now, Rainlendar 2 has been released and ready to download. For those who doesn’t know what is Rainlendar, Rainlendar is a feature rich calendar application that you can use to manage and organise your daily life with it. There are many […]

YouTube: System Administrator’s Day song

To all System Administrators, this is a song for you. Hope you guys like it. Lol… Direct Download (change the extension to .flv or it will not work) [tags]youtube, youtubex, video, system administrator[/tags]

WordPress 2.0.5 released

Have you upgrade your WordPress to version 2.0.5 yet? Get the latest stable WordPress version 2.0.5 now at WordPress download page. There are about 50 bug fixes which you can check at dev tracker and thanks to Mark for this latest WordPress version. If you want to upgrade from version WordPress 2.0.4, you don’t need […]

Back from “On Vacation (21st Oct – 29th Oct 2006)”

Hello guys… I have back to UTM. Just arrived actually. So tired. Journey from KL to JB is so tiring. About 5 hours I sit in the bus. 🙁 Well this is just a short post. I will start update this website begin tomorrow morning or maybe tonight. And don’t forget to subscribe to my […]

On Vacation (21st Oct – 29th Oct 2006)

There will no updates from today, 21st October till the next Sunday, 29th October 2006. This is because today I will back to my hometown in KL at 4.00 pm by bus. And then tomorrow will “balik kampung” to Penang for Hari Raya. :d So one week I will away from my comp. Incase you […]

Web 2.0 Logo Creator

Ever wanted to create your own Web 2.0 logo for your website? Try this Web 2.0 logo creator by Alex P. Not only it will create you the Web 2.0 logo, it also will host it on their site. But to improve your site load-up, I recommended you to upload the logo in your website […]

Vulnerability found in IE7

Edit: This report is not accurate. For more info, read this news. [Thanks to aMer] After few days Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7, new vulnerability has been found in this software. This vulnerability can be exploited by malicious people to disclose potentially sensitive information. Secunia had make a demonstration tool which is you can check […]

Optimus Keyboard – End of 2006? But When?

I have wrote an article about Optimus Keyboard last year (take note, it was last year – July 23rd 2005) but the article written in Malay. After a long wait, they still not yet announce when will they exact release date for the coolest keyboard. They only stated that it will out this end of […]