Mozilla Firefox released

Have you upgrade your Firefox to Firefox yet? The new update has been released yesterday. Yesterday, while I surfed the Internet, suddenly there was a pop-up from my Firefox browser asking me to install the latest version. So I chose ok and it install the latest updates in a minute.

Some of my friends (Internet Explorer users) asked me why I use Firefox. With calm and confidence I answered the question. :d I said that, with Firefox you can surf the net with tabbed browsing. Which means you no need to open new window if you want to visit other sites. Beside than that, there are many themes and extensions that you can use to enhance the usebility of your Firefox. And all of them are free to download.

I’m using 6 extensions for my Firefox and use Mostly Crystal as my Firefox theme. I really like Mostly Crystal. The theme uses colourful icons and there are really nice. You can see the screenshot below.


Ok back to the topic. He3. This latest update have fixed known critical flaws. You can see the details here. And I wonder when will Firefox 100% free from vulnerabilities. Hmm… 😕 [tags]mozilla firefox, firefox, internet browser[/tags]