BusinessX – Submit, Get and Improve

BusinessX.Org is a business exchange directory which you can submit your site links for free. Yea, it is free and no need to put reciprocal link on your site. All you have to do is just submit your site link and wait for the editors to approve your submission. Normally it won’t take too long to get your site link approved.

As the feedback, when you submit link to website directories like BusinessX.Org, you will get more back links and this will improve your site’s PR. Not only just that, you also can get visitors for your sites.

If you have read my article, I have mentioned that you can advertise your blog or website by submitting your site link to directories. So if you want to promote your site, this is your chance! 😉

Link: BusinessX.Org


  1. Hey Cypher – Thanks Man.

    It is your hardwork too, alrite? I credit you too 100% – Stay cool there, man. Cheers

    People, say thanks to Cypher without Cypher – I am no one in this large ocean of Www. :)>-

    BusinessX.Org Team Powered by Cypherhackz.Net Inc.

    :d .. Hehehhe!

  2. lol… no problem dude. i’m just helping.

  3. yey!!….i have added my link at there…thx cypher

  4. i’ve approved your link. thanks!

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