Site Poll: Do you have Friendster account?

For this time site poll question is, do you have Friendster account?

I do have my own Friendster account. With Friendster, not only you can keep in touch with your friends, you also can make new friends. Beside than that, you also can see their profile, what they like, who are their members, are they still available or not and many much more.

With more than 30 million members, Friendster is the best way to stay in touch with your friends and it’s the fastest way to discover the people and things that matter to you most.

You also can give them testimonial if you want to. See on my profile. I have about 500 testimonials (and still growing) that I got from my friends. You can write anything you want to your friends and they will reply back your testimonial. The concept used here same like blogging. You give comments and you will get comments. 😉

Ok. Back to the topic. Do you have Friendster account? Take the vote now. :d

ps: If you don’t mind, add me as your friend. 😉


  1. I have a friendster account but seldomly open it. I guess I’m not popular enough :((

  2. lol… invite your friends to join friendster.

    know what, before i create an account at friendster, i really don’t like it. but after i registered and announced it to my friends, i got many testimonials from them. and the best part is when you get emails from friendster saying that you have received testimonials from your friends… 😉

  3. ade sejak kebelakangan ni aku rsa friendster da makin x best…haha..byk iklan…

  4. owh… tu pasal aku buat site poll ni. ada bende yang aku nak bagitahu dalam post aku nanti. :)>-

  5. yo bro!! aku dah request dah utk add ko..\:d/

  6. the new version of friendster is cool! if before this I like surfing friendster for about once a month, now I surf it about everyday now…certainly not as heavy loading like myspace…:d

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    i will accept you up. currently friendster has been blocked by utm server. 🙁

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    yea. now you can decorate your own style in friendster. 🙂

  8. aku ade friendster….tapi jarang buka…loading lembap nak mampus kat komp aku…:-?

  9. slow? mcam mana leh slow pulak?

  10. friendster..myspace are so girlish thing..

  11. yup. i don’t like myspace too. but friendster looks like they want to be like myspace where you can create your own theme and you can put images, videos, musics, etc. [-(

  12. Although I have a Friendster Account, but I rarely use it.
    Instead I use Orkut.

  13. orkut? hmm…it sounds new to me. thanks for the info. i will check it out.

  14. Draven3020 says:

    Yes I also have a friendster account, and I want to have more onlines friends aside from the ones I have near me….

    You can view add me up!

  15. no i dont have friendster account!! is there anyone who can help me to create a friendster account!!!please!!!

  16. i need to create friendster account can u help me