myCypherHackz.Net released!

This is the personal blog project that I’m talking about, myCypherHackz.Net. myCypherHackz.Net (myCHN) is my second blog that most of the posts will be in Malay. That’s why I said that the project will be conducted in Malay. ๐Ÿ˜‰ myCHN is powered by WordPress with K2 as it’s theme. Because it is difficult to edit K2, so I need times to edit the theme.

If you noticed, there is “My Network” section on the sidebar. Below it I have put CypherHackz.Net and myCypherHackz.Net link. If you forgot the link to myCHN (I hope you will not), you can check the link overthere. Anyway, CypherHackz.Net still run as usual. So keep visiting my CypherHackz.Net because I will update it each time I got good infos or news to share with you all.

Lastly, come and feel free to visit my second blog site, myCypherHackz.Net


  1. tahniah bro! \:d/

  2. tahniah2..
    hidup k2 \:d/

  3. macih semua… hu3. aku harap leh jaga dua2 blog nih. hu3.

  4. jom exchange link… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. leh je if nak exchange link. kat link myCypherHackz.Net tu kau letak nama aku, Fauzi. yang CypherHackz.Net tu still CypherHackz la. he3. macih… jap aku add kau nye.

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