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Mozilla Firefox released

Have you upgrade your Firefox to Firefox yet? The new update has been released yesterday. Yesterday, while I surfed the Internet, suddenly there was a pop-up from my Firefox browser asking me to install the latest version. So I chose ok and it install the latest updates in a minute. Some of my friends […]

Back from Pulau Langkawi

Because the Internet was down lately, so I can’t update my site at the moment. But last night, the Internet came back to normal and I can update my site now. And here are some pictures taken while I at Pulau Langkawi.

Leave to Langkawi

Hi guys… Just want to let you know that I will not update my site till this Monday because I have a trip to Langkawi for my co-curriculum activities. I will leave to Langkawi with other members tonight at 8.30pm from UTM and we will first stop at Pusat Serenti Tasik Gelugor, Pulau Pinang before […]

AdSense Earnings Reports for your WordPress

For those who have Google AdSense account, you can use this plugin to check your AdSense earning without need to visit Google AdSense website. It is very useful for those who frequently check their earning incomes like me. :d The plugin, AdSense Earning Reports will show your today earnings, past earnings from selected range in […]

Have a flight with Google

Don’t think Google only have their best search engine in the world. They also have their “own” plane. Check out this picture. An aeroplane fly with Google word on it. via Gmail Tools [tags]google, flight, funny pic[/tags]

MyOrionet hacked and lessons learned

MyOrionet is conducting a competition which is, webmaster who can listed his website on the first rank in Google will win. Today, WTJ commented on one of my post about MyOrionet had been hacked. The hacker named himself as Hacker_Amca and s/he (I don’t know the gender :p ) put link to other website. I […]

Old posts. Don’t throw them away. Why?

I would like to ask you bloggers, what happen with your olds posts? Old that I mean here are posts that have been leave down far at the bottom of your archives. I start thinking about this yesterday when I glance through my own posts in my archives and thought what will happen with all […]

Land Walker, “Gundam Mech” in the real world

Technology in Japan has taken step more further. This “Gundam” robot is a person-carying robot vehicle with 3.4 metres high and 1000 kg weight and is the first mechanatron ever built by human being. The manufacturer, Sakakibara-Kikai released this mech to attract attention for the company. This heavy duty mech not only can walk but […]

How to send executable file in Gmail

Yesterday my friend SMS me to send an installer (executable) file via email. So I use Gmail as my primary email account and attached the file. But when I want to send the email, Gmail warned me that it does not allow any executable file send from Gmail. I’m sure this is regarding of the […]

My article got plagiarized

Take a look at this article. Is the article looks the same like the article that I wrote? I don’t care if he want to copy and use my article but at least put the author name or where he got the article. Dude… I don’t know how you can earn money by submitting my […]