Digg in Malaysia?

digg-malaysiaNow Malaysian internet surfers can digg interesting local news to Digg Malaysia. It is exactly really the same with Digg.com where you can submit articles and voted by the community. 🙂

I appreciate what they did, but the poor is, when will Malaysia release something that are different than others. It is ok if use the idea but at least use something diffrent approches. Here what I get more the site:

Please note that we’re not trying to compete with the official digg!

Sure, we can compete them (hopefully) but by using the same way as Digg.com, I think we can’t go far. Anyway, congratulations to Digg Malaysia team for their afford to release Digg site for Malaysian. 😉

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  1. Had the same thing for a long time with http://www.spymy.com

    Local users are only interested in self promotion though so it doesn’t work.

  2. proud or not..original or not.. it’s a trademarked brand..lets see what digg.com will deal with it 😀

  3. spymy is dead.

  4. did Digg.com know that Digg Malaysia exist? 😕

  5. is it a clone? I think it’s nevermind if Malaysia has it own digg concept site but at least add other features. If we can’t create something different, we can make it better. Anyway, thanks for the news CypherHackz.

  6. i agree with you. at least they add new features. it much better than copy 100% concept from digg.com

  7. it’s not even digg. there’s no digg feature in digg malaysia. i bet the creator of digg malaysia just happen to get some free scripts from the internet.

  8. When I clicked on an account to login, the usual warning that Windows wasn’t activated didn’t appear.
    You may here something strange through the grapevine. On the User Account Control box that appears asking, “Do you want the following program to make changes to this computer.