Site Poll Result: What Internet browser you are using?

Here is the result from the poll: [tags]internet browser, site poll, web browser[/tags]

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From the graph we can see that many of my site visitors using Firefox as their primary Internet browser. As my self, I also use Firefox because it is much better than other browsers. Besides, I have familiar with it. 🙂

I also use Opera. Opera is good in speed but it can’t support some of javascripts. And I also can’t login to my site if I use Opera. I don’t know why. The error that I get saying that the precondition is failed. 🙁


  1. Firefox rox baby..

  2. I like to use Opera most. Bcoz it the fastest web browser in world! But if want to change my layout (web) thing, using Firefox is better.

    p/s I thought im alone in this world. But another Southern Univ stud tell me u exist! Lets Rock bebeh!

  3. 🙁 whats this..? is thius from old record?

    i like IE more.. IE7 is the best..

  4. [Comment ID #14109 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yup. but i firefox has problem with memory usage. 🙁

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    are you from utm? :d

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    that result was from my last site poll before it closed.

  5. er… did anyone from Southern Univ tell that i’m exist…? 🙁

    i’m from UTM too… \:d/

    :d hahhaa

  6. lol… :p

  7. ntah la… pasal aku malas nak hack blog aku via IE aku guna FireFox ( cool eh! )

  8. macam2 nama kau letak eh? he3.