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Silktide Sitescore for this website

Silktide offer free service which you can use to check what is your sitescore. After you type in your site address, Silktide will check and give informations about your site. The score is divided into 5 parts, marketing, design, accessbility, experience and visitor rating. You can read the explanation for each parts at their site.

Beside giving the summary of the score, Silktide also give details for every aspects about your website. From the language use, speed, features, your site link popularity, etc. All are well explain under Detailed Breakdown. And they also give recommendations to improve your sitescore. if you have time to edit your site theme, you can do so and get higher score for your site.

Overall, my sitescore is 7.9. For marketing score, my site only get 8.7. Design is 9.2. Accessbility only get 6.2. I don’t know why this happen. It said “How accessible the website is, particularly to those with disabilities.” What does they mean about “to those with disabilities”? And for experience, I get 9.7. Not bad huh? :d For visitor rating, my site don’t get any rating yet. Maybe you guys can rate my site for. Of course I will not rate my own site. If you have time, feel free to rate my site. 😉

If you want to check your sitescore, click on this LINK and tell me what is your Silktide sitescore. 🙂

Silktide [Sitescore]
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  1. opss.. i got 7.7 point.. haha \:d/

  2. i got 8.0… \:d/

  3. I got 6.9 This is a joke :((

  4. the wc3 result sucks my score… :-w

  5. aman got 8.0 huh! [-(

    btw i think i want to change my site theme to k2. but im lazy to edit the theme… hmmm…

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    i think you better edit your site theme to meet w3c needs. 🙂

  6. benda ni bukan nyer leh caya…
    sebab takde category…
    anyway… cammana nak test ni.. aku tak jumpa2 pun..:((:((

  7. it is a very useful tool, although not always accurate. BTW, I got 9.3 :)>-

  8. seem like my sitescore has increase to 8.0 😮

  9. its not working now 🙁

    for my previous site it was 7.2 and it had many errors. now i made without errors and w3 compatible.

    but the tool is gone off 🙁