My article is on Ezine Articles

Few days ago I submited my article about “How to Advertise Your Blog ” to Ezine Articles. But today I received an email form Ezine Article saying this:

Hello Fauzi,

Your article, “How to Advertise Your Blog” – has been accepted and added to the directory:

You’ve also earned Expert Author status:

Your article will be on our high-traffic home page later today:

Your article has also been sent to our exclusive EzineArticles RSS
Feed and to our proprietary EzineArticles Email Alert Members.

For quality control purposes, your article was reviewed by our
Associate Editor #9

To Your Article Marketing Success!

And now I can put this banner on my site:

As Featured On Ezine Articles

But I will not call myself as Expert Author yet because I am not actually a good author. I just only write when I have ideas or things that I want to share to my site visitors. Thanks to you all… :d [tags]ezine articles, articles[/tags]


  1. hey.. congratulation… i wonder when i will be able to write such article

  2. yes! you were the on said you can advertise my blog here…how would that be?


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    thank you! 😉

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    lol… btw you have nice website there. keep it up! 🙂

  4. congrate cypher…:d

  5. he3. thank you!

  6. Tahniah. Bukan ramai orang nak tulis artikel sendiri kat mana-mana directory. Ada juga yg buat..apapun. Gudluck!

  7. Bukan saya seorang sahaja di Malaysia ni. Ramai lagi yang dah mempunyai artikel di eZine. 🙂