Hacking Simulation: Where “hackers” test their skills

Have you ever play any hacking simulation game? I have play 2 games which are Uplink and Street Hacker. I have finished play Uplink game but still playing the other one, Street Hacker. Uplink is more easier. Thats why I can finish it in less than 2 days. 😉

Hacking simulation is a game where you as an underground or registered agent for a company break into your enemy systems and blow the systems off. It is depend on what objective of the missions. Some of the missions, you need to steal the money or maybe you need to plant viruses into the systems and take it down. There are many missions, so I’m sure you will keep busy punching the keyboard. :p


If the mission is successful, you will get money and can upgrade your computer systems to maximum. The more missions you completed, the more money you will get and you will rank up yourself in the underground scene.

There are other simulation games like this. Like BS Hacker and Digital Hazard. I not yet play these game because I want to finish Street Hacker first. But Street Hacker is not easy to play. 🙁


Anyway these are just simulations. Just a game for release tensions or just want to have fun in hacking. It is legal to play these games unless you really breakin into real life company or organsition, then you are in trouble. 😉 [tags]uplink, street hacker, digital hazard, bs hacker, hacking simulation[/tags]


  1. ada cheat tak?? saya budak baru belajar..wakakkakakakka :d

  2. baru belaja? hek eleh… game ni takde cheat tapi ada cara camne nak dapat duit ngan senang.

  3. camne nak donlod. saya pun budak baru belajau…

  4. kene bayar kalau nak download software tu. tapi ada cara die la nak download kat mana. he3.

  5. camner nak dapat duit senang…..

    baru belaja? hek eleh… game ni takde cheat tapi ada cara camne nak dapat duit ngan senang.

  6. yup. memang pun. :d tapi tak best la if main game ada cheat. tak mencabar la… :)>-

  7. mane nk download game 2… nk men gak.. hehe

  8. Hey guys, u want the link to dl the game right???

    I have the newest here, it’s called Hacker Evolution.
    But i need some time to upload it

    So, if u guys want it just post here n tell me i’ll prepare the link


  9. h3llo mat3s…i have hackers evolution 1.00.0089..it is a great game indeed.so i was wodering if any one of you could help me get a crack.i have looked on google but cant find one working.so if anyone of you can crack the game and tell me how you didi it i can patch up the codes myself.or you can give me your cracked exe.thanks in advance,….

  10. Django86, i have HAcker Evolution but when i run the game, it’s ask for the activation code. when i input the code, it’s ask again, until…… (i don’t know)….maybe u can help me plis….

  11. i have done some seo work recently for this game http://tracehackerpro.co.cc I KNOW .co.cc i did try to tell them but wouldnt change it. Never mind can only do so much, doesnt look to bad a game.

  12. I am developing my own Real life hacking simulation. which uses real life tools and techniques. I have already developed simulation. Its now at role developing stage

  13. It has been a few years after the last time i play this game… 🙂 it’s a good game, thought.

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