Beautify your Windows XP with Style XP

prod stylexp titleDo you feel bored with the default Windows XP theme? Ever wanted to change the theme with more interesting and colourful styles? Try Style XP. With Style XP you can change your Windows theme, logon page, boot screen, icons and backgrounds. It is easy to install and use.

prod stylexpOnce the installation completed, Style XP will test by changing your Windows XP theme to Panther style. The test theme looks like MacOS theme. Beside the themes that come with the software, you can add new themes which you can download for free at ThemeXP.Org This website is like the heaven for Style XP users because they have thousands of visual styles which you can choose from. Not only visual styles, you also can download icon packs, boot screens, logons and background that meet your needs.

I have use Style XP since 2004 and I never encounters any problem with it. Thats mean Style XP is stable and working fine with Windows XP. So what are you waiting for. Try StyleXP today! [tags]windows xp, style xp, theme xp[/tags]


  1. Yes, it is interesting and colorful but at the same time, eats up resources. The Pc kinda of slows down with the Style XP theme in.

  2. yea. it use computer resources but my computer stilll working fine. :)>-

  3. Right, it eats up a lot of memory. Not recommended for low end PC’s (with 128-256 MB RAM) if you’re going to be having simultaneous processes running.

  4. pakat-pakat pakai linux ar…:d

  5. With using linux, you can change all the things including their themes…:-? no need extra software..

  6. I have received Ubuntu cds but the cds are at my home. I think when I back for the mid semester break I will bring them to hostel.

  7. StyleXP? Wow… reminds me of the time back in college….everyone wanted to be the best desktop modder.. and of course, StyleXP is one of the famous tool everyone used… :)>-

  8. yea. almost all of my friends install stylexp in their comp.

  9. hey ! thankx for the link to themes for StyleXp in the post, the site helped. 🙂

    and sorry to be leaving a off topic question here, but i was wondering how did you get the “more>>” to show up for the smileys?

    please do reply thankx!